Dr Maddalena Iannaccone
Veterinary Surgeon

Exotic and Aquatic
Animal Consulting

Graduated Specialty
in “Management, breeding,
pathology of aquatic species”

(University of Milan,
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine)

Veterinary Surgeon at
“Genoa Aquarium”

e-mail: veterinariaesotici@gmail.com
telephone: (+39) 010-9820514
cellphone: (+39) 391-4095821
cellphone: (+39) 333-8663951

Fish medicine
Advice and veterinary management for:
Transport and quarantine;
diagnostic investigations (clinical examination, examination of the response to stimuli, examination of organic material collected).
Haematological analysis
(blood counts with formulas of leucocytes).
Ultrasound and Radiography.
Post-mortem examination.

Medicine in exotic animals
(reptiles, birds, rodents, small mammals, amphibians, marine mammals)
Consulting and management for:
Transportation and health quarantine.
Control and management
of all physiological conditions
(moult, lethargy, egg-laying).
Diagnosis (including examinations faeces, haematological analysis, ultrasound, X-rays).
Post-mortem examination.

Managing health care
in a controlled environment

Specialized Advice for “Aquatic Parks” including the planning and implementation of specific veterinary health plans
aimed at optimizing the animal welfare.
Theoretical and practical veterinary
training of aquarists.